What is U3A?
U3A is an abbreviation for University of the Third Age, an organisation which aims to provide educational stimulus and support for older people.
U3A Prospect Inc. Branch, now U3A Inner North, was established in 2018.
U3A was founded in Toulouse, France in 1972, with academic programmes offered to older people by Universities. The concept was introduced in Britain in 1982 by a group from Cambridge University. British U3As quickly evolved away from courses chosen by Universities, to the idea of self-help or mutual-aid organisations.
By drawing upon the skills and interests of its members, U3As tap the huge resources of skills and experience which exists among Third Age People, and which is largely ignored in the wider community. Among members of a U3A you will always find some people who are willing to share their knowledge with others by acting as course leaders or tutors. These members will be leaders in some classes and learners in others. Other members assist in the administration of U3A.

Why should you join?
U3A is a unique and exciting voluntary community organisation which provides life-enhancing opportunities for those who take part.
Are you interested in:

  • Joining other retired or semi-retired people for leisure activities?
  • Developing new skills?
  • Challenging your mind?
  • Listening to interesting speakers?
  • Sharing your skills and interests with other speakers?


How can you be involved?
Join as a member!
Enrol in a course or three.
Become a volunteer. (Lots of things to do!)
Become part of the management team.
Become a tutor / leader or a course advisor.

Do you need qualifications?
You need have no prerequisite qualifications, apart from a desire to learn.
There are no degrees, certificates or awards at the end of a course.
Your tutor / leader will have experience in the subject, and may have formal qualifications, but then again, may not.

What are our courses?
We have many and varied courses, ranging from guest lectures to ongoing weekly sessions. Click here for more information, and how to obtain your current Course Programme.
A financial member can enrol in as many courses as they wish.

How do you join?
Click here for instructions.
We welcome people who are over 50 and not working more than 20 hours a week.

How do you enrol in courses?
First you need to join, ie register and pay fees for the coming year.
Once your information is entered in the MyU3A database, you are given a member number and a password.
You can then enrol in courses online (preferred) or in person at the U3A office.
Click here for more detailed instructions.
After you have enrolled you can check your enrolments online.
Please also check to see whether all your details (e.g. email address, phone numbers) are correct and up-to-date.

How much will it cost?
All leaders, tutors and committee members give their time voluntarily.
We try to keep the costs of running U3A Inner North as low as possible but a charge has to be made for items such as venue hire, insurance and equipment.
Yearly membership fees cover the vast majority of costs, but some courses may charge fees for materials, or entry fees.
Members receive an emailed copy of our Newsletter, issued several times a year.
Click here for annual fees.

What are the U3A rules?
We try not to have “rules”, but we do have policies, adapted from other U3A organisations. We expect members to be respectful of others, to be punctual and to clean up after themselves. But most of all we want members to have fun.

Where can I find U3A Inner North?
We can be found at our new home Enfield Community Centre, 540 Regency Road, Enfield (the old Nailsworth High school)
See the map on the Contact Us page of our website: click here.

What are the bank details for U3A Inner North?
BSB : 633-000
Account no : 161633771
Include your name in the “reference” field (eg “smithj” for John Smith)

How do I renew my membership?
Click here for instructions.

How do I login to MyU3A database?
This allows you to look at the courses you have enrolled in, to enrol in more courses, to withdraw from courses and to change any personal details.
Click here.

I’ve forgotten my login details?
Go to the Members Login and click on the button Forgot Password/Id. Fill in your email address and your login details will be emailed to you. This may take up to an hour.

What are our term dates?
Term dates for the current year are on the Home page of our website. Click here.

When is the U3A Office open?
The U3A Inner North Office at Enfield Community Centre is open on Fridays 10 – 11am during Term 1 only.

What about those who have difficulty doing things online or do not have a printer? 
Visit us during the office hours above if you can, or please make an appointment by email to admin@u3ainnernorth.org.au and we can assist you.